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We are a brand owner SUPREME. These products are manufactured from the highest quality components.

At the moment, the line contains all the necessary filters for home:

- Reverse osmosis equipment

- Water softeners

- Multifunctional filter device

- Filter housing 10"

- Consumable materials,

- Three-way kitchen batteries and Faucets 

and over time it will be gradually extended. The advantage of our company is the smooth functioning of customer service. Our warehouse stocks provide continuity of sales and quick delivery.

We invite you to visit www.supremefilters.com

Systems and cartridges have PZH certificates.

We invite to cooperation all companies of water industry, installation and heating.

For our partners we provide technical support, help in the selection of equipment and trainings.     

Available SUPREME Systems: 

Supreme - RO5
Supreme - RO6
Supreme - RO6P
Supreme - RO7
Oxyline 28
Oxyline 42
Oxyline 56
Supreme - Multi
Korpus H10B-S
Supreme - Soft
Wylewka FX01 SUPREME
Wylewka FX02 SUPREME
Bateria 3-drożna FX03-C SUPREME CHROM
Bateria 3-drożna FX03-M SUPREME MAT