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About Us

PolaquaGroup is a dynamically growing company in the water treatment industry, which roots stem from many years of experience in the Eco-Service Poland, existing since 1999, and is currently one of the largest distributors in the Polish and European market. The company was founded on the clear requisition of the wholesale and installation market.

In our offer, you will find complete equipment of recognized brands, components of the leading manufacturers,  filter beds and also a wide range of own brand products.

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Relocation Companies - Important Information

Relocation Companies - Important Information


Ladies and gentlemen, We would like to kindly inform you that from 01/12/2018 - the address of the company′s headquarters will ...

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Osmotic Water Ionizer - SUPREME RO8 PREMIUM

Osmotic Water Ionizer - SUPREME RO8 PREMIUM


We are pleased to announce that Polaqua Group Sp. J. has introduced to the offer a modern, eight-stage, osmotic water ...

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We are a brand owner SUPREME. These products are manufactured from the highest quality components. At the moment, the line contains all the necessary filters for home like:

- Reverse osmosis equipment

- Water softeners

- Multifunctional filter device

- Filter housing 10"

- Consumable materials, 

The advantage of our company is the smooth functioning of customer service. Our warehouse stocks provide continuity of sales and quick delivery.


Polaqua Group Sp. Jawna  
ul. Sycowska 45
60-003 Poznań


tel. + 48 48 61 867 76 48

Office in Łódź:
+ 48 722 01 33 11

website: www.polaquagroup.com